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High quality leading companies in automated products and services.

is one of high quality leading companies in automated products and services. The company has established in Egypt in order to provide electronic services related to the design of electronic circuits, manufacture and repair cards and technical support service. Control Group provides training. Therefore the company develops its automated products with the latest product development and efciency. Control Group provides the best pre-sales services and after sales service. We are updating machines, development and implementation of projects with the latest products and the cheapest methods.



Certificate of qualification No. 331 of the Authority for the development and use of new and renewable energy,

Which qualifes the company in the !eld of supply and installation, operation, maintenance and linking of solar cell systems up to the capacity of 500 kW

The company has a range of expertise in the !eld of solar energy



Control Group is a provider for integrated Automation systems including sensors, instrumentation, intelligent control units and communications’ interfaces. as we are a distributer and representative for a worldwide automation companies all over the world.


Control Group already have done many solar projects in Egypt related to cultivation and nowadays we consolidate the elevator market by solar energy investments. Our experts install elevators to work by solar power instead of utility power.


Control Group is a certifed training center for Simatic PLC and SCADA /HMI training courses. We provide training on automation hardware and software , PLC, SCADA, soft skills and instruments for both engineers and technicians.


Control Group installs automation systems in different applications such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power generation & Transmission, Water & Wastewater, building management systems (BMS) and some other industries also we can make Design of control for new installations, expansions and upgrades.


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