Control Group

                       keenly seeks to utilize Egypt’s ideal environment and various unexploited renewable energy resources, mainly focusing on solar energy, to build a greener, healthier and more sustainable future for Egypt.
Control Group seeks to be one of the world's leading companies in the field of solar technology while ensuring that our customers receive the best quality services through a team of high efficiency and effectiveness.
Control Group has carried out many different projects in the solar energy, which reaches more than ten projects in the field of irrigation, off grid and on grid projects.

 For the commercial segment control group installs backup and hybrid solutions, on-grid and off-grid solutions, as well as solar lighting and solar carports.

Operation & Maintenance

Control Group is a leading company in the field of solar energy in Egypt and the Arab world.

  Design, installation and implementation of solar power stations of various types (On grid – Off grid)

Implementation of solar plants to feed water pumps

Street lighting using solar energy

Solar water heaters

Technical support and specialized training


Control Group 

has a certificate of qualification No. 331 of the Authority for the development and use of new and renewable energy,

Which qualifies the company in the field of supply and installation, operation, maintenance and linking of solar cell systems up to the capacity of 500 kW

The company has a range of expertise in the field of solar energy

Integrated engineering design for all applications in the field of solar energy according to the standard specifications

Supply and installation of solar power stations for all applications

After-sales service (maintenance - technical support - training)

Maintenance center certified by Germany and China.

We provide our customers with integrated products of engineering design, sale, supply, installation and maintenance.