NICE3000+ Integrated Solution – elevator controller and AC drive

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Application Features :

• Supports PM gearless and asynchronous geared traction machines
• Smooth ride performance
• “Direct To Floor” technology
• Rapid commissioning step through sequence
• Anti-rollback without any external load cell (gearless machines)
• Pre-torque function (analog signal from load cell for geared machines)
• Flexible programmable I/O’s
• Static auto tuning for asynchronous and synchronous machines (without brake opening)

Feature Highlights :

• Standard: 48 floors, full collective (full serial connection)
• Duplex on board group control (CAN bus serial communication)
• Automatic door control mode
• Selectable fireman operation
• Supports 1 ph. 220 Vac UPS (quasi & sine wave) for rescue operation with intelligent light load direction search
• Comprehensive trip diagnostics

*Duplex control is a standard built-in function

*Enhanced reliability with conformal coating, protects against humidity and dust pollution

*Operation in high  45 ambient temperatures

*Wide operating voltage range 323 to 528 Vac

*1Apps & *2PC-Tools software offer simplified start up & backup

*Full serial connection




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