NICE 1000 (Elevator General Purpose Integrated Controller )

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*The Monarch controls NICE1000 is an independently developed integrated controller specifically for elevators designed by MCTC.

*Focusing on electronic systems in elevators, MCTC uses an entirely parallel signal transmission method, combining the advantages of high stability, ease of use and no need for adjustment that allow this perfect integration to be used in both private and cargo elevators.

*Application Features:

*Supports synchronous (PM gearless machines ) and asynchronous (geared machines)

*Smooth Ride Performance

*”Direct to floor” Technology

*Rapid Commissioning step through Sequence

*Anti-rollback without any external load cell (Gearless machines)

*Pre-torque function ( analog signal from load cell for geared machines)

*Flexible Programmable I/O’s

*Static auto tuning for asynchronous and synchronous machines ( without brake opening)

Feature Highlights

*Standard :8 floors , Full Collective , expansion option : up to 16 floors ( conventional parallel wiring)

*Duplex onboard group control( CANbus serial communication)

*Selectable door control mode ( Manual , Semi-automatic , Automatic)

*Selectable fireman operation

*Single -phase 220 Vac UPS ( quasi& sine wave) rescue mode operation ready with automatic light load search

*Comprehensive trip diagnostics

*Output frequency 0.0 ~99.0Hz


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