ME320L For Elevator (Geared closed loop &Gearless)

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  • Wide operating voltage range 323 to 528Vac
  • Operation in high ambient temperature 45⁰Cav
  • Enhanced reliability with conformal coating, protects against humidity and dust pollution
  • 1PC-tools Software simplified start up & back up
  • Cooling fan removable for easy maintenance
  • Elevator Application Features :
  • Smooth ride performance
  • Integrated brake control
  • Easy Setup with default factory Setting for rapid commissioning.
  • 5-Independent S-Ramps
  • Short -floor function
  • Direct approach funcation
  • Light Load direction sensing
  • 220 Vac UPS ( Sine &quasi square type)
  • Inverter Key Features:
  • Non-rotational encoder phase offset tuning
  • Flexible Programmable i/O’S
  • Onboard Modbus-RTU
  • Comprehensive Trip Diagnostics
  • Built -in Dynamic Braking Unit
  • Anti-Rollback function for PMSM gearless machines
  • Pre-Torque Functiin ( Analog signal from load cell for Geared machines)


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