GA500 AC Microdrives

Balancing power to perfection


  • Simplified system integration

GA500 drives are designed to be easily inte- grated into systems and machinery. Combining network support, application-focused features, and excellent customization options along with unparalleled ease of use, the GA500 minimizes the effort required to get your automation jobs done.

  • Fast installation and setup

GA500 drives incorporate a variety of fea- tures which eliminate the need for peripherals. Together with easy wiring plus smart functions for completing a basic setup in only in 5 min- utes, this greatly reduces the time and expens- es involved in having a running system.

  • Superior machine performance

By incorporating the latest motor control tech- nologies for induction, permanent magnet, and synchronous reluctance motors, the GA500 drives provide superior control performance with minimized energy consumption.

  • Secure operation

GA500 drives are built to perform reliably. The robust design featuring coated PCBs allows op- eration in 50 °C without derating, while machine monitoring functions and an integrated service life time prediction prevent sudden failures. The GA500 thus effectively secures operation and prevents production losses.



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