AM600 Motion Controller

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High performance controller with Ether CAT interface and PLC functionality

Can be easily expanded to meetcustomer requirements
•Able to control up to 32 axes
•PLCopen library available formotion control functionality
•InoProShop programming environment (IEC 61131-3)

The EtherCAT bus of the AM600 main module supports 32 servo drives with a refresh time of 4 ms (for PTP positioning)
■ It can realize CAM control of up to 16 axes and offers a synchronization period of 2 ms.

AM600 is a centralized motion controller with built-in PLC functionality. It has a standard EtherCAT
port to control up to 32 axes with point-to-point positioning. A PLCopen library for single axis and
interpolation movement is a standard feature. Every axis can be programmed to move using linear,
circular or electronic cams (up to eight simultaneously). IEC 61131-3 programming (CODESYS) is part
of the InoProShop software tool. Additional modules can be added to the main CPU module to be
able to manage different I/O input types. CANopen functionality and an Ethernet port also come as
standard. AM600 also supports EtherCAT connections to third party devices.

AM600 features & functions :

Up to 32 axes for point-to-point positioning (up to eight for interpolated motion)
■ ARM-Cortex A8 1 GHz
■ Operates with mathematical precision ‒ IEEE 754 double
■ Built-in EtherCAT port
■ Up to 16 additional I/O modules for every CPU
■ Linear, circular and spherical interpolation (up to eight axes)
■ CAM functionality
■ Built-in Ethernet interface
■ Modbus TCP/IP
■ OPC UA protocol supported (server)
■ CANopen/Modbus RTU interface
■ IEC 61131-3 programming languages (CODESYS)
■ Encoder input
■ Simulated encoder output
■ Multitasking functionality
■ RoHS, CE certified


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