Electronic Maintenance Services

  • We are pleased to provide our customers with electronic maintenance service for all the automation devices located in the Egyptian market, including speed changers. Maintenance engineers have a large number of years of experience in repairing them with various capacities and engines in the Egyptian market,
  • The level of reform at the level of electronic elements to achieve the largest provision of the customer in the cost of repair, where the cost of change component is much less than the change of card fully.
  • The original cards (from the manufacturer) are also provided in the event of a change of one of the cards of the company's power of attorney.
  • It also provides original spare parts for other equipment in the case of repair or request for spare parts separately if available in the manufacturer.
  • Also during the journey of repair we do preventive maintenance of components that approached the damage to provide the longest operating period of the devices and not to repeat the repair of the device.
  • The machines are also tested after repair on the load test machine to ensure its safety and work properly on the load.
  • It is worth mentioning that training outside Egypt in Germany, Thailand and China to maintain the power of attorney company and therefore we use standard detection and repair agreed upon globally.
  • We are always rushing to achieve the least repair period, the lowest cost, the highest quality and the most years of operation after the reform.


Director of Electronic Maintenance Department

      Mr. Ayman Ramadan


Installation services

  • Besides the supply services the company provides to its customers, the company also provide the installation services in all industrial fields as well as elevator field through a group of distinguished engineers with expertise and knowledge of all required applications.

Technical Support Services

  • Control Group provides technical support services to its customers in Egypt and the Arab world through a selection of the best engineers. The service is provided by telephone through direct contact with customers or through conversations through social media. You can also visit us at the company's premises and meet the specialized engineers. The technical support department helps customers, whether our brands or other brands.


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